Islamic Feminism and Its Role in Cinema


Doc Shah representing UNBLINKERED MEDIA

The Doc Shah isn’t from another planet. I don’t have super strength, I can’t outrun bullets or fly but with unclipped wings, my inner Lois Lane gumshoe attitude combined with the photo-journalism skills of Peter Parker, lie in pursuit of being an ambitious video-journalist, and audio-visual artist covering themes of race, class, gender, culture and the arts, reflective of a multi-cultural and faceted society. My past may appear to be one of privilege found within the academic echelons of history and screen studies. If the truth be known, I’m mixed raced from a working-class background. The story does not stop there for it embodies the progress and human struggles within a cycle of advances and setbacks. Yet, my background, vicarious PhD title and growing body of work aim to create a transferable and informed off-brand perspective on human stories and the surrounding world considerate of a diverse audience. I continue to document and engage with the arts via a blog, whilst contributing to academic publications and social media pages. Within this realm, I’ve vlogged film and book reviews and participated with radio and theatre plays. My involvement with the arts scene has fostered content for fanzines, the music press, screenings, DVDs and radio appearances. Within global communities, I’ve produced content for Non-profit organisations based in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. These experiences have whetted my appetite to document stories be it for knowledge, truth or entertainment and develop both my writing and audio-visual skills with an aim to learn from and be of service to the public.

SULTANATE Preview Showing

Friday 29th November 2019 
SLATE North West Artists Showcase
Venue: HOME Manchester
Time: 4pm - 7.30pm

SULTANATE with live musical accompaniment by the talented Amin Bay on the Persian Santoor will be showcased at HOME Manchester and supported by the ECLIPSE THEATRE

Book Review for Animation in the Middle East

Here is a summarised version of Sabina's book review on Animation in the Middle East: Practice and Aesthetics from Baghdad to Casablanca'.

Sultan Razia on Rajya Sabha TV

Snippets of Sabina's animation Sultan Razia were used for the documentary Talking History. The documentary was made and aired on Rajya Sabha Television (RSTV), which is owned and operated by the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

The episode may be viewed on YouTube - (Please rewind the video to the beginning).

The Will of Sultan Iltutmish

Sabina's latest work in progress rough cut edit for Sultan Razia.  As of yet there is no sound and the tableaux are an approximate guide to what might be written for the final piece.

In this scene, Sultan Iltutmish requests that his daughter Razia to be successor of the Delhi Sutanate. Circa 28th April 1236CE/634 Hejira.

Act 1 with scenes 1-3 are an attempt to subvert gendered stereotypes that may destabilise audience preconceptions of the soldier's gender. For when the soldier removes their helmet the audience acknowledges the female protagonist Razia.

Beyond the Screen PhD

In this talking heads video Sabina speaks of her ambitions post-PhD.